Volunteer Resources

Thank you for your interest in becoming a POD volunteer. This program's success depends on volunteers like yourself. We have provided Power Point Training Modules to help you become better prepared for your position at a POD. They offer an overview of disasters, public health's role in emergencies, as well as what roles volunteers serve during emergencies. They also go into details and training specifics for roles of volunteers at both Open and Closed POD sites. If you are planning on serving as a volunteer for your company or organization during a Closed POD, please take the training modules under "Closed POD Volunteer training". If you are planning to serve as a volunteer for your church or other faith based organization or a school at an Open Pod, or you are unsure what type of POD you will volunteer at, please take the training modules under "Open POD Volunteer Training".

You will be asked to complete a Volunteer Registration Form, a Code of Conduct, and an Oath of Confidentiality at the POD site that you are volunteering at. You can find copies of these forms under the "Important Forms" Section. You can print the forms out and have them completed prior to your assignment.

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  • Explain what Public Health's role in an emergency is
  • Explain what roles volunteers play during an emergency
  • Explain how to make a disaster plan and what goes into a disaster kit
  • Explain different types of natural disasters
  • Define different types of CBRNE incidents
  • Explain Blood-borne exposure risks and prevention
  • Provide important forms that need to be completed prior to an assignment at a POD
  • Explain volunteer roles at Closed and Open PODs and provide training to perform job duties