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Welcome to the training page for Closed POD Partners. We appreciate your interest in becoming a Closed POD Partner. This training module has been designed to help you create a Closed POD plan as well as activate and deactivate your Closed POD.

We have provided training modules and written transcripts for each one. We have included resources such as a sample Closed POD plan, all necessary paperwork and forms for use in your POD, sample Just in Time training Power Point, job action sheets, as well as planning, activation, and deactivation checklists to give guidance throughout the process.

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  • Define what a Closed Pod is and differentiate it from an Open POD
  • Determine how Closed PODs fit into planning
  • Help you to develop a Closed POD plan
  • Provide training to key POD staff and incorporate POD training into current plans
  • Understand the basics of Incident Command
  • Define staff roles and duties at a Closed POD
  • Determine supplies needed to run a Closed POD
  • Determine steps to activate and run Closed POD
  • Determine steps to deactivate and tear down Closed POD
  • Provide pertinent forms and paperwork to help facilitate your Closed POD
  • Explain how to track inventory of supplies as well as the number of medications or vaccine being administered
  • Determine what information needs to be communicated to your employees and POD staff prior to and during the POD
  • Understand the process of requesting additional supplies 

Training Modules

Tab 10 from the SNS Planning Guide can be used as a stand alone written POD Plan.  Please refer to this plan while going through the training modules.

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Training Resources